About Us

The journey of World Of Escape began in Mid 2020, whilst the whole world was battling a very unpredictable and unsettling pandemic. 

For me, personally, everything was changing, and very rapidly. My partner had lost his job and I was a small business owner who could only operate solely online  - which was very different from operating market stalls all over Victoria! 

My escape, as it always has been when things get a bit tough, was diving into a good book!

It became very worrying how disconnected we had all become - and that's before the pandemic was even a thought! We needed a way for people to come back together, and that's when WOE was born. 

Each box contains a book in your selected genre as well as up to 3 goodies from local, small Australian businesses. The book boxes aren't only a way for people to reconnect and come together, but also for our customers to discover small businesses and potentially discover their new favourite products! 

Each box gains you access to an exclusive monthly facebook group, where you can meet and converse with fellow literary lovers, and leave a review of your monthly read! 

We work with many small businesses, from candles makers to hand curated tea blenders. Our boxes also are not part of a subscription service, so you may come and go as you please and also have the availability to change up the genre as often as you like!

Make sure to mark your calendars - as our boxes are only available in the first two weeks of each month, and in limited numbers.

So c'mon - escape with us today!